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Our Story - Playroom to Boardroom

Our Story - Playroom to Boardroom

Erica Lane (Left) and Jill Clemons (Right)

Our Story - Playroom to Boardroom

Once there were four members of a family whose personal lives and careers intertwined with government space and defense programs in Huntsville, Alabama.  One member was engaged in strategic arms control studies and environmental planning for siting weapon systems in the era of the Strategic Defense Initiative.  One was an investigative television reporter and independent contractor with media production at Redstone Arsenal and NASA, with some fame as the aircraft warning voice of the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft and the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter.  One had an education and career in information technology, rising quickly to upper management in contracts supporting the Army Missile Command (AMCOM) Information Systems Directorate bringing information systems mainstream in the early 2000s.  One was a NAVY veteran with a top management role on NASA’s MSFC base facilities contracts during the Space Shuttle era. 

Ida Raney was the military applications planner who set up the initial business systems for eLe and as CFO steered the early course.  Erica Lane was the TV reporter, independent media contractor and computerized cockpit voice of numerous military aircraft.  The name had local and extended recognition thus Erica Lane Enterprises, Inc. was launched with Erica as President and Chief Executive Officer.  Her sister, Jill Clemons, was the information technology manager whose Army program knowledge of hot buttons and solutions led to our first 10 year contract and first strategic partnership with a large business contractor.  Jill is Chief Operating Officer and chairs eLe’s Board of Directors.  Gary Buckner’s long career with NASA MSFC facilities management and his extensive education in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) at The George Washington University (and others) was pivotal to acquiring our company’s facilities O&M contracts and has underpinned our long term success.

A full five years before the beginning of eLe, the four started thinking business.  “Why not pool the expertise of our respective contract careers and market to the government?” And in 1997, a business plan evolved to pursue work in the federal sector we all knew.  First the name denoting women ownership, then incorporation in Alabama, business set-up and marketing visits to government agencies’ small business representatives. The S-corp business started and operated for a few years from a home office, which had previously been Jill and Erica’s playroom.  There are many stories we can tell about our company travels and travails in the new world of FAR and competitive bids and expanding capabilities.  Sometimes we surprise ourselves reminiscing with inquiring friends who become intrigued.  So we offer, “Here is a copy of the FAR.  Are you sure you are prepared for the challenge?”  

eLe works hard for our customers and employees.  We are proud of our continuity, our teams, our partners and our capabilities.  It is our honor to have had the opportunities to achieve 25 years of experience in optimizing military facilities and equipment.  We operate and maintain buildings, test new weapon systems and keep helicopters flying….all with the ultimate mission of our country’s defense.

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